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About Us

About Us

BG Pack

Founded in 1996, BG Pack joined the PFM Group in 2001. Based at Bergamo, the company has acquired an international reputation for high-technology horizontal and vertical packaging machines to produce specialised flexible packaging formats.
At the top of the range is the Vetta, a vertical form-fill-seal machine able to produce up to 30 different types of bag, including “doy style” packs with zips, “doy style” with adhesive strips for reclosure and PFM’s own Steelo pack, a block-bottom bag in which the four corners are heat-sealed at the edge for improved rigidity and appearance. BG Pack also builds multi-crimper flow-wrappers, particularly for long dwell sealing in MAP cheese packing, and further customised form-fill-seal machines for special applications including bags that are reclosable by a variety of means. Innovative design and application by BG Pack is illustrated by the fact that 80 per cent of the company’s output is currently custom built. Main markets for BG Pack are Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Servicing, which is integrated with PFM, is carried out by a team of constantly updated technical staff who also provide remote Teleservice servicing via modem or the Internet. Over the past three years company turnover has shown an annual growth of 15 per cent. Each year, 4 per cent of turnover is reinvested in research and development.

PFM Group

A group of companies

From the beginning, PFM has worked constantly towards helping our customersachieve success and create opportunity for innovation, along with encouragement in making the most from their resources and employees professional and personal skills

“Goals can only be achieved by manufacturing excellent quality machines” is the principle that drives PFM. This premise was the principle our founder based PFM upon, evolving over time, adapting to new design and manufacturing requirements to become a strategic priority today.

Research and Development are essential to the creation process, and is critical to identifying the technical means necessary to put an original concept into practice. PFM believes this function is crucial, so much so that our R&D department is run personally by the proprietors.

The innovation that PFM continuously has offered the markets over the years is the result of our investment into Research and Development. This can clearly be seen in the daily work of dozens of technicians who are encouraged to pool their skills, share their experiences and objectives. There is a deep awareness within these men and women that a new idea stems from a highly motivated, joyful spirit, which is irreplaceable in a modern company that sets its sights on the future, on an ever more selective and diversified market.

The strength of PFM Group remains in ouroriginal technological ideas, in our perseverance to create new concepts and technology, and absolute determination to be always one step ahead.

We are an organised, efficient and competitive company, and our aim is to offer you the very best every time.